FMADIO Packet Capture

Our Sustained Line rate 100G Packet Capture is affordable and suitable for Cyber Security, Network Analysis, HFT/Financial Service, Cloud and Data Center, and Network Trouble Shooting.

  • At a full rate of 200Gbps with no loss
  • 10/100/1000M, 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G, 200Gps capture systems depending on bandwidth requirements
  • Compact, portable, and lightweight (20G; approx. 5kg)
  • Optimized cost and improved performance

Glean Benefits

We create innovative solutions and test tools at the right price for your organization.

Scale Faster

Do more with less. Our products can be deployed easily and timely.

Maximize your ROI

Maximize your ROI on network improvements. We’ll fully analyze every available option to provide you with the most convenient and affordable solution.


Customizable. With our 100 years of combined experience in the telecom industry, we can help you find the right product for your specific case needs.

ToyCap Packet Capture

ToyCap Packet Capture is a low-cost and simple packet capture device. Over a 1,000 units are currently installed in Japan and US.

  • Embedded PC and Network Tap in one box
  • Combined with PAV (PCAP Analysis Viewer) for maximized user convenience

Voice Pinger

Voice Pinger is an end-to-end voice quality and delay testing measurement solution that supports smartphones (iOS and Android), analog phones, business phones, and feature phones.

  • Supports the latest voice measurement algorithm ITU-T P.863 “POLQA


We identify the underlying issue utilizing data flows, PCAP, and voice data for deeper analysis.



For deeper analysis, we use custom-designed algorithms that are installed in packet capture and voice quality tool devices.


Documentation and Reporting

We provide stable and accurate results for improved performance and quality.

5G Core and RAN Network Emulator

This product emulates 5G, 4G, 3G wireless and wireline networks, exposing all internal interfaces as needed. With this emulator, Valid8’s system reports on media received, call connect time, call duration, jitter, and packet loss.

  • Regression test scenarios for each interface (e.g. S1, S5/8, S6a, S7, S11, Rx, Gx, Ro, Gm, Mw)
  • Emulators available per subsystem (UE, CSCF, eNB, gNB, HNB, MME, PCRF, PGW, RNC, SIP server, SGW)
  • OTA connection available for UEs, Base Stations and IoT devices


Umetrix is a video quality testing measurement that has been adopted by major telecom operators and video distribution service platforms.

  • The only tool that absolutely evaluates video quality based on the technology of Spirent Communications, Inc.
  • Accelerates user experience evaluation for new devices and services
  • We also offer measurement services and rentals using this tool.

Napatech FPGA Smart NIC

Our FPGA card is the ultimate performance combination of FPGA software and hardware for Capture, Inline and Virtualization.

  • 2×1/10G, 8x10G, 2×10/25G, 4×10/25G, 2x40G, 2x100G
  • Add real-time line-rate performance to your applications with the most advanced SmartNIC technology available
  • NT200A02 SmartNIC provides full packet capture of 100 Gbps of network data and 200 Gbps of traffic bursts without loss

NiagaraNetworks Packet Broker, Network TAP

Our Packet Broker provides aggregation, data replication, fine-grained filtering, load balancing, and tunneling functions.

  • Any combination of up to 32 40/100Gb ports
  • Selective or full data traffic aggregation and regeneration as well as load balancing
  • Filtering and data packet deduplication features

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