Affordable sustained 100G Packet Capture

  • Never Drop Packets
  • Affordable solution
  • Lower your CAPEX AND OPEX costs
  • 100G / 80G / 40G / 25G / 20G Full Packet Capture
  • Suitable for Cyber Security, Cloud and Data Center, Network Trouble Shooting, HFT/Financial Service
  • Scalable Storage from 16TB to 4PB
  • Micro Burst/TCP Scope/SIP Detail
  • Capture Replay
  • BPF Counter Analytics
  • R&D in Tokyo, Japan

5G Core and RAN Network Emulator

  • Emulates 5G, 4G, 3G wireless and wireline networks, exposing all internal interfaces as needed.
  • Regression test scenarios available for each interface (e.g. S1, S5/8, S6a, S7, S11, Rx, Gx, Ro, Gm, Mw)
  • Emulators available per subsystem (UE, CSCF, eNB, gNodeB, HNB, MME, PCRF, PGW, RNC, SIP Server, SGW, etc)
  • OTA connection available for UEs, base stations and IoT devices
  • PSTN Migration (SS7/TDM, SIP/RTP, Megaco, PESQ, DTMF)
  • Report on media received, call connect time, call duration, jitter, packet loss

Handy Packet Capture Toycap

  • Affordable solution
  • Embedded PC and Network Tap in one box
  • Installation, Trouble Shooting, IDS, IP Network Performance Testing
  • Suitable for Network Operator, Cable Operator, System Integrator

Voice Quality Test Voice Pinger

  • Affordable solution
  • Easy to use, Cost effective Voice Quality Measurement
  • VoLTE, OTT Application, CS Call, VoIP Business Phone System, Teleconference System
  • Connects any devices by audio jack interface such as Android, iPhone, Feature phone, Analog phone, Business phone, SoftPhone
  • Support POLQA (Latest Voice Measurement Algorithm ITU-T P.863)
  • Voice Delay Time

Video Quality Test

  • Accelerate user experience evaluation for new devices and services (VoLTE, VoWiFi)
  • Measures experience in the live network
  • Consistent metrics on any devices
  • Automate report production
  • Manage configuration centrally
  • Identify collection errors and re-test
  • Upload and manage data centrally

Reconfigurable Computing Napatech FPGA Smartnics

  • Available as 200G, 100G, 80G, 40G, 20G, 4G solutions

Network Tap / Packet Broker

  • High availability (HA) / business continuity (BC) robustness
  • Ability to handle deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Selective or full data traffic aggregation and regeneration as well as load balancing
  • Filtering and data packet deduplication features
  • Centralized administration including a manageable interface (Web, GUI, or CLI)
  • Inline monitoring devices
  • Passive inspection and analysis tools